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Call for Papers - Special Issue in Honor of Professor Ingram Olkin - Będlewo 2004, Poland

In August 2004, the 13th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics (IWMS-2004) will be held in Będlewo (near Poznań, Poland) and will be in Celebration of Ingram Olkin's 80th Birthday. Professor Olkin is a world renown leading expert in statistics and has many important contributions to applications of linear algebra in statistics as well as of statistics to other fields. The purpose of this workshop is to foster the interaction of researchers in the interface between statistics and matrix theory.

We are pleased to announce a special issue of Linear Algebra and Its Applications devoted to this workshop. It will include selected papers strongly correlated to the talks of the conference. We encourage submissions on the theory of matrices and methods of linear algebra with statistical origin or possible applications in statistics.

All papers submitted must meet the publication standards of Linear Algebra and Its Applications and will be subject to normal refereeing procedure.

The deadline for submission of papers is the end of February, 2005, and the special issue is expected to be published in 2006.

Papers should be sent to any of its special editors, preferably by email in a PDF or PostScript format:

Ludwig Elsner
University of Bielefeld
Faculty of Mathematics
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld, Germany
e-mail: elsner@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE

Augustyn Markiewicz
Agricultural University of Poznań
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Methods
ul. Wojska Polskiego 28
60-637 Poznań, Poland

Tomasz Szulc
Adam Mickiewicz University
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Umultowska 87
61-614 Poznań, Poland

Responsible editor-in-chief of the special issue:
Volker Mehrmann
Inst. für Mathematik, MA 4-5
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
D-10623 Berlin, Germany

Call for papers

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