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The 13th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics (IWMS-2004) will be held in Będlewo, about 30 km south of Poznań, Poland, from 18th by 21st August 2004. Będlewo is the Mathematical Research and Conference Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the setting is similar to Oberwolfach, with accommodation on site. For further information about this place please visit the Web site
Poznań is one of the oldest cities and the greatest academic centers in Poland. It has over half million inhabitants and it is located about 300 km west of Warsaw. There is an airport which offers a number of international connections.

Nokia Lecturer at the IWMS-2004

The organizers of the Będlewo Matrix Workshop are very pleased to announce that the Finnish-based company Nokia will sponsor the Workshop, in a form of the Nokia Lectureship Program for IWMS-2004. Jointly with the Local Organizing Committee and the International Organizing Committee, Nokia has elected Professor Ingram Olkin as the distinguished Nokia Lecturer at the IWMS-2004, and his talk will be called as a Nokia Lecture.


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